Gumption & Determination!!!

With the extraordinary weather we have been enduring lately, I am in utter wonder at the caliber of our amazing volunteers!

Getting hot meals out to our clients three times a week is of great importance to us all, as is assuring that everyone on our lists is ok, and not in need of further assistance. However, lately, it's been service above and beyond by our intrepid teams.

We could not all get out of our garages, nor did we all have vehicles safe to drive under the circumstances, but others jumped into the fray! From our relief drivers, or those from other days (we have a separate team for each delivery day) everyone pulled together, and we haven't missed a day despite facing difficult odds. Some of us were mired in the snow on unploughed roads...but there were always helping hands to get us going again. Some of us sloshed through ankle deep streams of snow melt waters in order to gain the curb when we exited our car, carrying the meal boxes to front doors. Some of us staggered over pathways of sheer ice, carrying those meal boxes. Some of us did double and triple duty, and always with a smile.

Then, there were our very thoughtful clients, who phoned, worried about their familiar volunteer, risking life and limb, to bring their meal. One lady in the East end of town told me the children were having a great time tobogganing down her uncleared road, and she didn't think it safe to drive to her.

So there you have it, people on both sides of the meal box, actively caring for each other, and warming hearts in the process, THAT is true community.

This coordinator of Meals On Wheels, in White Rock and South Surrey, thanks you all, most heartily, and with over whelming pride at your gumption, and determination, to get the job done well, safely, and cheerfully.

Huge Smiles,

Pat P.

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